Congratulations! You have landed your dream design internship.

Let’s just say that the night before my first day as an intern was nothing short of interesting. It was a whirlpool of excitement, fear, gratitude, and anxiety. You might be a nervous wreck too, and that is completely normal. But now is your time to show the organisation your potential, agility, and skill.

Here are a few of my thoughts I would like to share with you and hope it assists you in some way — great or small:

First and foremost, practice genuine gratitude.

Understanding that you have landed this…

One of the things this global pandemic has shown us is the crucial part software solutions play in our everyday lives. Going from an office work environment to a remote work environment has probably been easier for software development companies than for certain other industries, however, the demand to build digital solutions for companies or with companies in very short time frames has increased exponentially.

Luckily, there is this amazing thing called LOW-CODE, helping to ease the load upon the shoulders of the IT industry allowing them to create solutions up to 5 times faster than with traditional development. But…

What has been a crazy year, has finally come to an end, but the threat of COVID-19 has not subsided just yet. Despite scientists announcing a possible vaccine for COVID-19 late last year, we are still very much at war with this virus and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

This pandemic has taken a drastic toll on our countries economy and has negatively affected thousands of businesses all around South Africa, but for some fortunate businesses, it has merely been a challenge that could be overcome by working remotely.

We here at JustSolve have been one of…

UX and UI design are more than just a buzz word. It forms a big part of our everyday lives. Have a look at your phone, laptop or computer…all of these make use of UX and UI, but with most things in life, some myths form around people’s opinions of what it is and how it works. We are going to “debunk” 5 of the most common UX myths today. Are you ready?

1. UX and UI Are the Same Things

Wrong! UX and UI form part of one end result but are definitely not the same thing. …


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